Dian Valencic NRA Instructor




Classes & Dates Hours Cost 
Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon Class

      6-hour class

Meets requirements to apply for an Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.


Self-Defense and the Law


Arizona Law states you can carry concealed without a permit (some exceptions apply).


If you have a gun to protect you and your family,

 do you know the Law so that you are hard to convict.

  To register for a Concealed Carry Class go to: AZ CCW

NRA Basic Pistol Blended Learning Phase II - 
must complete Phase I online course

Meets requirements to apply for Arizona Concealed Carry Permit
8 hours $125.00 
NRA Firearms Safety in the Home 
(non-shooting class)

3 hours 40.00 
 NRA Refuse To Be A Victims 

4 hours $45.00 
NRA Range Safety Officer

9 hours $125.00 
NRA Pistol Marksman 
Simulator Training

  3 hours   $50.00 
Law and Legal including justification relating to firearms

Arizona is a constitutional carry state.  Which means if can legally own a firearm you
can carry a weapon concealed without a permit with some excepts.   
You still need to be aware of the laws that you need to be aware of or you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Anyone who owns a firearm.  
Refresher for those who have a Concealed Carry Permit

 3 hours $25.00 
 Woman's introduction to Guns
Firearms Safety, choosing a firearm, firearms handling using the SIRT Simulator Training system followed by Range time.
4 hours   $75.00
 Woman's only Arizona Concealed Carry Class
Includes issues unique to woman.
7 hours  $125.00 
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